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The picture of me below was sketched by none other than Noboru Ishiguro during the Legend of Galactic Heroes discussion panel at Anime Expo 2000!

He was just doodling during the panel and unexpectedly handed this sketch to me afterward, before sitting for the group photo of everyone who attended! Needless to say, I was floored! Not many people can boast having a sketch of themselves made by the director of almost ALL of their favorite anime SF series, including the one that got him hooked on anime in the first place!

me @ AX2K by Noboru Ishiguro
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My Rant

Welcome to my little quick and dirty homepage. This page's only purpose at the moment is to provide links for some stuff I want to make available to people. As such it has a very simple hand-coded design without any frames, CGI scripts, Java, or other bells and whistles. That's the way I like it. There are too many meaningless bells and whistles clogging up Net bandwidth and not enough real information to go with it, and I'll be damned if I am going to contribute to the problem.

In addition to making stuff available to others, this page is also designed to allow me to make stuff available to myself when traveling (since it is a lot easier to remember the URL for my personal home page than a dozen URLs for other services I need.) Links falling into this category include:

That's my rant. Please feel free to peruse the stuff below. Enjoy.

NEW! Check out the front and back cover art for the Yamato Laserdiscs and the Yamato DVD box!

scans courtesy of Martin J. Lollar

Here are scans of my photos from WorldCon 2001, the Millennium Philcon!

I was able to fulfill a dream I've had for several years recently: to promote my favorite anime SF series, Legend of the Galactic Heroes at the this year's World Science Fiction Convention, the Millennium Philcon (see link above). I believe there is an audience for this thoughtful and complex series in the US, but it is mainly to be found among literary science fiction fans moreso than among pure Japanese Animation fans. When I first envisioned attempting this, though, I couldn't have imagined my good fortune in that the producer of this series, Mr. Yukio Kikukawa, would be coming to the convention as well as a part of the Japan in 2007 Worldcon bid committee. Furthermore, to support this effort, Mr. Kikukawa supplied an English subtitled print of the first "LoGH" film, My Conquest is the Sea of Stars , translated by Takayuki (Taka) Karahashi, who also translated for him live at the convention.

We had 3 events at the convention focused on "LoGH". First, on Friday, Aug. 31, we had a 2 hour discussion panel to be moderated by me with Mr. Kikukawa answering questions with translation by Mr. Karahashi. Unfortunately Taka was delayed and couldn't be there Friday, so most of that panel consisted of me blathering on, with a few questions fielded by Mr. Kikukawa with translation supplied by some other members of the Japan 2007 committee.

Fortunately Taka arrived Saturday, Sept. 1, carrying with him the video material to present, a "Making Of" video for LoGH, and the "Spiral Labyrinth" side-story episode about the Battle of El Facil (both subtitled) and the English dubbed episodes from the end of the second series about the Battle of Vermilion. In the brief breaks between these shows Mr. Kikukawa answered questions from the audience in the video room, with translation provided by Taka. Lastly, on Sunday morning we had the 35mm film presentation; a great thing to see on the big screen!

2001 World Science Fiction Convention Photos
(L to R) Ronni Katz (aka "Rein" on the LoGH mailing list) in Imperial costume with Mr. Kikukawa, before the video screenings
Mr. Kikukawa again with translator Takayuki Karahashi, answering questions during the "LoGH" video screening Saturday
Here's a shot of me with Mr. Kikukawa at the discussion panel Friday.
...and another similar shot.
Here I am filling time on the panel by explaining who all the characters are on the wall scroll behind me, in response to a question from a panel attendee.

Here are some scans of a few of my photos (the ones that came out half decent, anyway :P) from Anime Weekend Atlanta 6! Click on the thumbnail to view the full image. (Thanks to Sandro Sarang for scanning these pix for me!)

AWA 6 Photos
Splendid costume of Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell! You should have seen the blinking light guides (and the costumer was cute too!)
I call this picture "The Two Novas": Amy Howard (the voice of Nova in Star Blazers Series 1 and 2) and Corrine Orr (Nova in Series 3, not to mention "Trixie" in a little show called Speed Racer!
Someone did a clever costume of my favorite villain from the PowerPuff Girls on Cartoon Network, MOJO JOJO!
And a costume of the least clever PowerPuff villains, the Amoeba Boys...
Several members of "Cosmolist Yamato" in the lovely gardens at the Atlanta Crowne Plaza Ravinia
A superb Nadia costume from Nadia of the Mysterious Sea. ( I hate people like this, who just look exactly like the character they're portraying naturally!)
My only photo from the wedding gift presentation to Amy Howard and Dave Wilson III at "Dessloktoberfest 2000" to come out well. But that's OK, since it is the best one. Pictured at center is the fancy Japanese gift envelope from us "Cosmolist" members
Two more great costumes from the AWA halls. The guy at left did a super job on the costume of Van Fanel from the recent anime movie "ESCAFLOWNE: A Girl in Gaea"
More recruits for the Reich! This girl was dressed up in an uniform of the Imperial fleet from Legend of the Galactic Heroes! I made her day at the con when I complimented her costume, and she was so happy to find someone else at the con who knew what she was supposed to be!

Here is an HTML-ized version of my article for Dave Merrill's Cosmo Zine, describing what it was like back in the old days of anime fandom and how Star Blazers helped make Japanese Animation what it is in the US today, called Life in the Before Time.

Photo Scans

Galactic Heroes Cel Scans

Below are scans of the Legend of Galactic Heroes animation cels I aquired at Anime Expo 98. The first one I got for free just for asking a question at Mr. Kikukawa's cool panel! The others I purchased as a lot at the Charity Auction on Sunday.
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