2002 Snapper Ninja Self-Propelled Mulching Mower

With bagging setup

These are photos of the mower that I'm selling. It's a Snapper FRP216016, which features Snapper's steel 21" A.I.R. deck and is self-propelled, with a 6-speed disc drive and differential. There are 6 different cutting heights selectable. It runs great -- there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. I'm selling it because I'm moving to a place without a yard, and while my house is on the market I've hired a lawn service to take care of things for me. So I just don't need this any longer.

It has a 6HP Briggs & Stratton motor, and is normally setup for mulching. I bought the bagging setup because I thought it'd be useful, but I probably only used it once or twice right after I got it. It does bag just fine with the mulching blade on, but if the idea of that makes you uncomfortable, I have an unused normal blade which came with the bagging setup.

And in case you just want to mulch occasionally, there's a handy plug you can put in the bagging chute to keep from having to change out the discharge cover.

But why worry about that? Changing the discharge cover is easy. It's held on by two Nylock wingnuts and takes about two minutes to change.

I've also got a side-discharge cover, but I can't find it right now. When I do find it, the buyer of the mower gets first dibs. I'd advertise it as part of the package, but I don't want to have to go out and buy one to make good on it if I can't find it in the garage.

I've changed the oil every other season with 10W-30 synthetic. I'm not a nut about mower maintenance -- that's just what the car gets. There was a recall because of leaky gas tanks on the motors that this has, but that was replaced a few years ago by the nice guys at McCoy's Lawn SuperStore in Austin. It hasn't leaked a drop since.
I've also had the blade sharpened once or twice; last time was about a year ago, so it should still be in pretty good shape.

All this cost me more than $700 in 2002, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I thought I'd have a lawn to mow. It's a really great mower. Why not ditch that crummy old mower you've got and get this one? It's only $200.

I'll be honest -- I hate yard work, so my lawn probably didn't get mowed as often as my neighbors would like. But that just means that this mower's seen a lot fewer operating hours than most.
I love good tools, though, and this Snapper definitely qualifies. It's hard to beat a Snapper with a Briggs.


Close-up, right side, bagging setup

(medium 571x441) (large 1280x990)

Close-up of right side, set-up for bagging

Close-up, right side, mulching setup

(medium 571x421) (large 1280x945)

Close-up of right side, set-up for mulching

Full view, left side, mulching setup

(medium 571x479) (large 1279x1075)

Full view of left side, set-up for mulching

Full view, right side, bagging setup

(medium 571x479) (large 1278x1075)

Full view of right side, set-up for bagging

Mulching plug

(medium 571x426) (large 1280x955)

Mulching plug for bagging chute

Unused normal blade

(medium 480x527) (large 1075x1182)

Non-mulching blade (new and unused)

Front view

(medium 480x489) (large 1075x1096)

Serial number plate

(medium 571x272) (large 917x438)

If you're interested, send me some e-mail. Thanks!